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Emily is Co-Host of the Reno Tahoe Tonight Show which airs every Thursday morning at 9 a.m. Pacific Time on 101.3 FM

Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine’s LIVE radio show, every Thursday at 9 a.m., features live music, interviews of people making a difference in our community, artists and events coming our way in the Reno/Tahoe area. Lively, meaningful and humorous conversations occur as Oliver Ex and Emily Reese draw out the best in people in our community. Tune into to listen online or on your radio at 101.3 Renegade Radio. The first half of the show also re-airs on 99.1 FM FOX News Talk on Sundays at 6:30 p.m.  Find us and “like” us on Facebook at Reno Tahoe Tonight Show and spread the word!EmilyOliverVarious News Articles Mentioning Devon, Emily and Kids

Emily’s story regarding her second bout with cancer and chemo was written and published in the Reno Tahoe Tonight magazine by Oliver X.  While we are no longer writing a column in the Reno Tahoe Tonight, Emily is actively involved with the magazine, particularly in her role as Co-Host of the Reno Tahoe Tonight radio show (see above).  Here is the beautiful prose that Oliver X wrote to promote her needs financially during this difficult time.  Thank you, Oliver.  (Turn to page 44.)

Divorce Mistakes You Can Make By Being Too Nice, Reuters, Tuesday, June 26, 2012, author: Geoff Williams

Our Rainbow Family and our story was featured in the Huffington Post.  What a blessing!

We write a column for our local magazine here in Reno called Reno Tahoe Tonight.  We generally take turns writing each month.  We started by telling our general story and follow up by topical columns dealing with specifics of the wonderful, and sometimes difficult, road we have been traveling on.  The online versions are listed below, with the page number you need to turn to to find our column SameSides.

*UPDATE*  The following links are temporarily unavailable.  As soon as they are up and running again (there was a problem from with their archives) I will update these links.  Thanks for your patience.     Page 78     Page 82     Page 82     Page 88     Page 88                                                                             Page 90    Page 100

Devon and Emily, along with Kathy Baldock of, were featured on the radio with Sean Savoy and the House of Savoy to tell our story in light of Christianity, the Evangelical Church and LGBT inclusion.  The following links are the tape of the show, told in order, from segments 1-4.

Fighting Cancer With Rainbows, go to Page 14, Reno Tahoe Tonight, April 2012 Edition, written by Emily Reese        backgroundColor=%23222222

Mother’s Day Article: Many Honor Their Moms With Simple Haiku Poems, Reno Gazette Journal, May 6, 2011, by Lenita Powers

Mother’s Day Article 2011

Mother’s Day Article: I’m Proud of My Mom, Reno Gazette Journal, May 12, 2012, by Lenita Powers

Mother’s Day Article 2012

Emily is the Spokesperson for the charity group Our Hearts, Our Families, Our Community in Reno.  This organization’s purpose is to help families in our community when they experience medical crises.  Our annual Vampire Gala occurred on October 20, 2012, and was an amazingly fun event.  If you want more information on this group, please go to  The following are various T.V. and news releases about the event and the organization.

Thomas and Metzger Families

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