Day 29: January 29, 2014

Thankfulness for the Temporary.
I saw this link to art that Andre Amador does on beaches. He creates beautiful art during low tide that will be washed away hours later. And he is fine with that.
I have decided to meditate today on the word “temporary” and be thankful for it. What are some things in your life that are temporary that you are thankful for?
Here are some of mine, but the list can totally go on:
1) A clean house. It feels so good to have it beautiful, shiny and organized, if only for a few days until the kids get here.
2) For the times where the kids are temporarily here to make a mess of the house. That means they are here, cuddling with me, sharing their days with me, laughing and acting silly with me.
3) For bursts of energy, which will start to become more and more temporary during my chemo process.
4) For the chance to be reminded when something horrible happens that in many of those cases, it is only temporary.
5) That life itself is temporary. I don’t mean to diminish death and all of the sorrow it can bring. But… can you imagine living as old as many Biblical characters lived? To see so much pain and suffering, to suffer as SUPER DUPER old, to watch the same meaningless things happen like war, poverty, abuse and apathy… continue on and on? Our lives are temporary so that we can be reminded to make the most of every opportunity, every relationship we have as fruitful and meaningful, and to impact others to make our world the best it can be in the short time we are here.
So today, I am thankful for making something beautiful, even if it is temporary, and not worrying that it won’t last. It’s called living in the moment. I am thankful for TODAY and all of the blessings it will bring to make my life more meaningful. I choose to look at today as my blank canvas. I am making it art.
Wanna make art with me today? Let’s do this!
Live Life. Love Life. Impact others.

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