Day 32: February 1, 2014

Day 32: February 1, 2014

Thankfulness for the Future

Many of us ask “Why?” all the time. As in “why me” or “why now” or “what I have I done to deserve this”? I have to fight myself to keep my energy from getting stuck in a pity party. Almost every day.

It must be a human thing to think.

After a conversation with a fellow cancer fighter last night, I was reminded of all of the amazing things that transpired after my first bout with cancer. It was great to think about because when I start to get too stuck in the moment on negative things I get sorrowful. That’s okay every once in awhile, but last night’s conversation was just what I needed. It helped me to focus on where I will be after this is done… not “why” it is happening.

Here is the cool list of stuff that happened right after I fully recovered from chemo three years ago:

1) My boyfriend broke up with me. Which honestly was a great thing in the end.

2) I got a job offer at the coolest school in Reno, Nevada (Rainshadow) and I didn’t even have to search for it. It fell into my lap.

3) Devon and I were featured in an international column about amicable divorce in Reuters. We also were featured in the Huff Post.

4) Our blog Samesides was created and has definitely given us many blessings… and has hopefully blessed others, too.

5) I have been given opportunities to write for the Reno Tahoe Tonight regarding my cancer and our awesome rainbow family.

6) I have gotten to be a part of the media in many ways, even on stage, as well as being a part of Our Hearts, Our Families, Our Community. I get to give back to the community that has helped me so much.

7) And I have met more people because of cancer than I ever would have otherwise.

I could go on, but you will get bored. Needless to say, being reminded of the “where I will be” when this is all done, is great.

I just need to be as patient as possible. And maybe even a little giddy like a kid on Christmas Eve, excited to see what will be there when I’m finished.

Love, The Where-Not-Why-Girl


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