Day 5: January 5, 2014

Thankfulness for Childishness

I was reminded by a friend of mine today how children are unassuming and simply are who they are in the moment. They don’t care or even think about what others are going to think of them. They just act. They dance, sing, pretend, are silly and laugh a lot. They don’t have all of the chains of insecurities, doubts, adult “reality” and responsibilities that keep us from living in the moment… which we should practice more often.

I think going through some of the ka-ka that I’ve gone through in the last 8 years has actually brought me to a place of not being afraid of my “inner child” (whatever the hell that really means). Most of you who have hung out with me for any length of time know that I am not afraid to act silly, dance, sing, laugh at potty humor… in front of ANYONE. My students, my kids, my colleagues, or people in the community… it doesn’t matter. Sometimes I get foot-in-mouth disease because I throw caution to the wind when maybe I should be more adult. Oh well. It’s totally worth it.

I am thankful that going through major life changes and cancer has brought out those child-like qualities in me.

I have a partner in crime in this area. Her name is Teresa. She is the person I refer to often in my posts as Mexican Midget or Ninja or Life Partner. She is just like me in so many ways. She, too, is childish… but completely unselfish. She has stuck by me through EVERYTHING. No lie.

So today, I give thanks for going through the things that have caused me to be childish and for the person who’s right beside me doing the same thing.

May we all learn how to be more like children, living in the moment and not caring what others think of us. If we were all like that more often, I’m thinking our world would be a more positive place.

Love, The Biggest Child in the World


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