Day 2: January 2, 2014

Thankfulness for My Body

I am thankful for my body. The body that I don’t give a lot of credit to sometimes. The body that I degrade in my own mind, allow others to degrade in the media, allow others to define unintentionally what my body should look like. The one that I always play the “Grass is Always Greener” game with.

It is this body that I should be thankful for. Three weeks ago my entire abdomen was split down the middle, torn in two and had several organs removed and one repaired. It is this body that is now mending, melding and moving again normally. My body is a wonderful thing. The opening that they made is stuck fast together, and besides the giant scar that will be there forever, it is HEALING ITSELF. Scabs are nature’s band aides. Muscles regenerate and meld back together. I can live and breathe just fine because my body was made to HEAL ITSELF.

I am thankful for this body and need to not be so hard on it in my mind. It is amazing.


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