Day 19: January 19, 2014

Thankfulness for Perspective

I’ve been having a great week this last week. Gettin’ stuff done. Feelin’ better. Takin’ names.

And then today, I ended up in Urgent Care with an acute infection in some of the areas that I had surgery on… my urinary tract, in particular. My left kidney hurts, which is no bueno, and I’m in pain. It fracking SUCKS.

And so I needed some perspective. I can feel sorry for myself, for sure, and no one would blame me. Took all of my meds and decided to meditate. All that I’ve been able to see are the thorns today.

Or I can be thankful that on a Sunday I don’t have to go to the ER and can get treated quickly for something that actually can be considered pretty dangerous for me at this point in my recovery.

I can be thankful that my kids are old enough that they can actually help take care of me. Kate is making tea right now for me, which is her specialty. Maddie helped clean up the house and get groceries. Sweet Thomas went to Urgent Care with me and he has Strep. And the doc ordered that he not be around me. So I can also be thankful that I have an awesome backup plan for him: Devon and Felipe. They are the shiznit.

My life is good. I know it. You know it. And now I can have a little better perspective because I decided to intentionally be thankful and meditate on the roses instead of the thorns.

Love, Roses Over Thorns Chick


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