Day 15: January 15, 2014

Thankfulness for Family Guy

Is it lame to be thankful for this? I don’t care, it’s my post and you can unfriend me if you don’t like it.

Family Guy certainly is not PC. Not in the slightest. Why is it that I can laugh at the stuff that I would NEVER say myself or allow my kids to say or think?

I think it’s kinda like me being able to joke about cancer. I’ve earned that right. It gets me through things with laughter. I suppose it’s self-deprecating humor, which I would say I love to participate in.

Some people can’t handle that stuff. That’s okay.

The thing Family Guy reminds me of the most is my BFF Teresa Wood. I am guessing I’ve spent more time watching episode after episode with her than I have spent on the toilet trolling Facebook on my phone. Which adds up to quite a bit of time, actually.

Out of all the wonderful people in my life, she has spent the most amount of time with me while I’ve been healthy AND sick. She makes me laugh at the worst times in my life. She’s the one that when she came to see me after I found out about my last tumor and cancer diagnosis, hugged me while I cried and sang quietly in my ear: “I’m a tumor, I’m a tumor. I’m a tumor. I’m a tumor, I’m a tumor. I’m a tumor. I’m a tumor, I’m a tumor. Oh, oh, oh, I’m a tumor…” (that Peter Griffin sang).

She turned my tears to laughter. She made fun of something that isn’t PC to make fun of, and it was okay. She’s like Family Guy in some weird way to me.

So, because I am thankful for Family Guy (that makes me laugh like no other show besides The Office, right Teresa?), I am also thankful for my BFF Teresa. I’m telling you. She is the best friend I’ve ever had.

Love, Me


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