Day 13: January 13, 2014

Thankfulness for Modern Medicine

I had a conversation with my new Urologist the other day about how awesome it is, despite my pain and suffering, that all of the issues I have had have been mostly solved. I mean, the surgery I had of being cut open from sternum to pelvis would have been unheard of 100+ years ago. Let alone surviving it and having to deal with the pain and healing and likely infections. Then death anyway.

He told me about the history of the first hysterectomy. I can’t recount it here, because I was too hopped up on pain pills and exhilaration from being freed of my tubes, but I do remember being thankful that I was born NOW. I would never have survived what I had to go through.

Not to mention the wonders of having meds and treatments available for cancer patients. Yes. Chemo/radiation and all that sucks big time and is no guarantee of curing things. But I am so thankful to have the opportunity to use the developed drugs that came from MUSTARD GAS. I mean, yeah, it’s poison. It can screw with other things in your body. But seriously? It has all been worth it.

And I will do it again if I have to.

I am alive today, get to be with my kids for another day, hear them laugh, fight, watch them go through annoying puberty, and hopefully be around to see them impact our world to be a better place.

So, I am thankful for the pain and annoyances I had to endure, and will endure again in a few weeks. Without modern medicine, procedures and the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff that are so awesome, I’m getting to screw around on Facebook today to share how thankful I am.

I dedicate this thankfulness post to all of my friends who have gone through cancer and are still going through it. I dedicate it to all of our awesome kids when they are adults who will hopefully come up with a magic pill to keep others from enduring what many have had to deal with.

I love you all… and I am thankful for modern medicine.

Love, The Living Life, Loving Life and Impacting Others Chick


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