Day 12: January 12, 2014

Thankfulness for a Clean House

It’s no big secret: I’m a clutter whore.

Usually I can keep it at least fairly “clean” when I’m feeling good. But the first thing to go when I am stressed, busy, or sick from cancer/recovering from surgery is my home. I just don’t care.

One of the best gifts you can give someone who is ill or recovering from something is yes, meals… but those can clutter my fridge, especially when it’s just me and my kids aren’t around. But paying for a house cleaner to come in for someone?


I am thankful for the wide variety of friends and circles of people that I’m a part of. Everyone has been so generous. I would like to put a shout out for the families of the Ballers club that Coach Ballinger runs here in town. They have pooled together some funds for me to pay a house cleaner to come in and make my house shine.

So, to those of you are looking to help a friend in need, spring for a house cleaner. Best. Gift. Ever.

Love, The Clutter Queen of Reno


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