Day 11: January 11, 2014

Thankfulness for My Neighborhood

I have oodles of reasons to be thankful for my neighborhood: My kids love it here, I have great neighbors, the streets and yards are safe, the homes are unique, the leaves are beautiful in the fall and I love the general old time feel of being able to hang out on my front porch and yap with people walking in the evenings. This is by far my favorite place I’ve ever lived. The Old SW kicks arse.

But tonight was especially cool because a crap ton of friends just showed up at my door wearing fur coats and carrying champagne. They walked a few blocks from their house after having dinner (which I didn’t feel like going to because I overdid it a bit today) and kidnapped the girls and me. We got to hang and relax and have a wonderful time with unique and caring people in my life. This crew (and so many others) keep my head up, especially during this time in my life: Things can be scary, but they are the helpers. I kinda like Mr. Rogers and his neighborhood.

Cool neighborhood + Cool friends = Total blessings and Thankfulness

Love, The Most Blessed Chick Ever


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