Day 10: January 10, 2014

Thankfulness for Words

Well, I could write and write and write on this subject. However, I’m just going to make a little list of why I love words so much.

1) Words can lift up someone’s spirit.
2) Words can inspire imagination.
3) Words can be used in creative ways to make stories.
4) Words can express my heart, my thoughts and my desires.
5) Words can have one meaning for one person and another meaning for someone else. Choosing the right words and inflection of those words is an art that is fun to perfect.

I think it’s good to focus on the positive things words can do. I’ll bet I can come up with a longer list of NEGATIVE things that words can do. Which sucks. But I want to focus on saying and writing words that speak to someone’s heart.

To give you an idea of what I mean, most of us can think of words that were spoken to us that come back to haunt us; words that a loved one or a person in authority said to us and it seeped into the cracks of our heart that STILL creeps up, even as adults. For me it is two things: “You are so sensitive” (like it was a bad thing and it is wrong to be sensitive) and “I don’t date football players” (yes, some asshole classmate of mine in junior high said that in front of everyone across the lunch room when he heard rumor that I liked him). For me, these two things are actually things I cannot change about myself: 1) I am sensitive, which isn’t a bad thing and part of my personality and 2) I’m a corn-fed Germanic Aryan basketball player (I can’t change how I’m built).

Those words STILL affect me at times as an adult, even though I know logically that they were bullshit when they were spoken to me.

So, my question is twofold today: What words come back to haunt you that aren’t true logically but still affect you? Say them out loud here if you want. They lose their power when you don’t play them over in your mind. Release ’em.

Secondly, what words can you say to someone you love that will seep into their hearts that will forever give them hope, encouragement, and lift their spirits… even years from now? Intentionally do it. Today. Tomorrow. Next week.

Practice being thankful for the positive things words can do. Put specific encouraging words into someone’s heart. Forever.

Love, The Fliptop Head Wordy English Teacher Who is Sensitive, Strong, Tall, Can Kick a Guy’s Ass and Glad She is That Way


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