Day Whatever This Is: April 23, 2014

Thankfulness for my Ghostwriter

Today, as of right now, I’m thankful for a little ray of sunshine that I needed. I have become discouraged and frustrated with my insurance. They are taking back any claims I had for payment to providers because of one clerical mistake that was made by St. Mary’s. They entered my insurance incorrectly. They posted my crappy personal insurance company (Assurant) as my primary and my Aetna as my secondary. This was corrected the next week by St. Mary’s, but Aetna has decided to go back to that clerical error and count it as proof that they aren’t my primary insurance.

So, my brain is not in 365 Day of Thankfulness mode.

My friend, John, decided to write one for me. He is my ghostwriter today and I’m so thankful for him. Here’s what he wrote:

“Because Emily is unable to write her “thankful” post this morning because she has been discouraged by the fucktards at her insurance company I will write what I am thankful for. I am thankful for Emily’s strength. When I first met Em I saw her as a tall, hot, blonde amazonian goddess and wished she would have been my P.E. teacher back in the day. Thankfully she was able to look past my flirting and see me for who I truly am (yes I do in fact define that as flirting). Because of that I was able to witness her overcome life events (the sailor in me wants to use different language to describe “events” ) that to me seemed insurmountable. I am a stronger person for having met you. Thanks 8).”

Thank you, John, for simply being awesome.

Love, I Now Am So Loved That I Have A GhostwriterGhostwriter

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