Day 99: April 8, 2014

Thankfulness for Baseball

As I’ve stated many times previously, the day before and the day of chemo usually stinks for me. I feel my very best on Mondays but it’s bittersweet, knowing that the next day I’m going to have poison pumping through my body. The treatments are progressively getting more and more difficult to recover from and it’s difficult to get moving on Tuesday mornings. I drag my feet getting ready. Thank God for Xanex.

Seriously. I highly recommend the drug for things like today.

What was really nice was yesterday evening. I was thoroughly distracted and had a great time at my first Aces game. This Dude I’m kinda dating texted me last night and said: Be ready and waiting for me outside. And dress with layers. We’re going to the Aces.

(Before you say anything, I will not be giving details about Dude. He’s cool and responsible and very kind. I will leave it at that.)

What a nice distraction. I love spur of the moment things, which is something that is cool about him.

We sat on the third base sideline, right next to the dug out. Yes, we really had to pay attention for errant foul balls, none of which thankfully hit my face, which is obviously my money maker. Duh.

It was really fun. And for 3 hours, I completely forgot about today and the crappy emotions and physical effects of chemo. I love softball more, but going to a game is way different that watching it on TV. When I watch it, I can count on a nap. This, however, was exciting.

I’ve decided that I love baseball and that I am thankful for spur of the moment entertainment… and Dude who likes that stuff, too.

Life is good. It won’t feel like that at times in the next several days, but I’m surrounded with good people in my life who bring spontaneity and joy to my love tank… which overflows onto other people.

Love, Baseball Groupierenoaces_opening20night203

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