Day 95 & 96: April 5, 2014

Thankfulness for Last Night

Whoa. Last night was absolutely amazing.

I got to share with the world the story of Devon coming out to me in front of a live audience on stage. All of my homies were there. The homies who knew me AFTER Devon came out.

It was such a blessing. Their support and love, and even from the ones who don’t know me at all, really gave me the courage to bear my heart and soul.

The interesting thing is that I would have NEVER been friends with them before Devon’s Big Reveal. They weren’t my kind of peeps then. I am so thankful that what happened in our marriage happened. Otherwise my life wouldn’t have been so rich and multifaceted. What a lovely life I have lived in the past, am living right now and will live in the future.

My life does NOT suck.

Love, The Good Life


My first stage performance of story telling. I got chosen out of 100’s of entries for the #1 Podcast in America, Risk! Live Storytelling. Once it comes out on the podcast, I will post the link here as an update. Love to you all!


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