Day 89: March 30, 2014

Thankfulness for Noah

The movie “Noah.” I haven’t seen it yet, but I plan on it.

I have seen postings by Christians and non-Christians alike. I have read reviews from nationally known critics, both from a Christian and non-Christian view.

I can’t wait to make my mind up on it for myself. I know the Biblical account well, and I also know how 7 Day Creationists view the Biblical account. My own father spent a couple of years constructing a to-scale replica of the Ark, complete with dinosaurs… which many believe were around during the time of Noah and were a part of the flood account.

(Dinosaurs are not what I’m addressing here. I understand where that view comes from and honestly, it isn’t as far fetched as you might think if you were to really sit down with an open mind on the subject.)

My dad and I were discussing the movie the other day. I know where he stands on all kinds of Biblical things, and we finally have a relationship where we can discuss the Bible and its applicability to our world without offending each other and we can actually agree to disagree.

One thing we will agree on: If people are seeing the movie, whether Christian or not, then people are thinking about the account of Noah and MAYBE even opening their Bibles… which isn’t a bad thing. I wish both camps (believers and non-believers) would quit the automatic bickering and simply be thankful that such an old story (true or not, depending on your view) can be openly discussed.

One of the only things that I have to say that is negative about a particular camp of people who are critical of the movie and dismissing it outright, are the people who want to act like the environmental aspect of it is somehow unbiblical. If you are one of these people and have used lots of exclamation points! and CAPITAL LETTERS to completely dismiss the film because they have a big focus on how humans have failed the environment… take a nice, long look in the mirror. Being an environmentalist does not equate to liberalism or anti-Christian. If you are THAT vocal about it, perhaps you have guilt about your view on Creation. God called all of it good and CHARGED us in taking care of it. We fail miserably everyday, and calling foul about a movie that brings that up actually make you a part of the problem.

Why don’t we be thankful that the movie was made? No one else has ever tackled it on this scale in modern film. Like I always say: If people are seeing it and talking about it, then they are thinking about it… and that’s a good thing.

Love, All Creatures Great and SmallGVA-ark

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