Day 83: March 24, 2014

Thankfulness for the Day After

What a truly wonderful day yesterday was. Seriously.

Hysterical wigs, food, fun, adult beverages, great music (RV, Dave’s Not Here, and Drinking With Clowns killed it!), dancing, sweating (big shocker for Sweaty McSweater here), giving, laughter, funny Jenny PezdeSpencer antics, conversation, cool prizes and… a touching story.

Wig Out! was a huge success, people. I don’t have all of the figures nailed down, but my Three Little Birds and I made about 2 grand at the door in donations/raffle tickets and about $1,000 in cash and checks given directly to me. That will get me through about 2 months alone, on top of the giving that has already occurred on my Gofundme page. If you weren’t able to make it, you can still give here: Emily’s Gofundme Page.

One of the checks I received was very touching to me. That is what I am reflecting upon today, The Day After my fundraiser.

Before the shindig got underway, a gentleman whom I’ve never met before came in. He knew my wonderful pal Kristen A. Gil and had heard about my event through her spreading the word. She assumed that I knew him since he was there, but this was not the case.

Thomas A. Wallek handed me a check. I introduced myself and asked why he came by to my event.

He explained his story to me after he met my beautiful kids and Devon and Felipe. He told me that his wife passed of cancer and that he wanted to show his support of my kids and me.

One of the things that cancer has done for me is that I have little fear or uncomfortableness in asking tough, heartfelt questions. I am not afraid to tackle issues that have to do with mortality, while many people are, because facing issues of mortality can be tough. But talking about them openly can allay the fears that discussing mortality can bring.

I asked him what type of cancer his wife died from. When he told me it was Colon Cancer, a bridge was built between his heart and mine. What a tragic thing to have to go through. He told me a little about his wife and as he did, you could see the genuine love and respect he had for her. He admired her deeply.

Then I asked when she passed.

It was one month ago.

I just wanted to hug and love on him. It is still so fresh. Yet, he came down to support me and honor his wife, Kathy. I love that her love was there with us, prompting him to spread his support of another woman with children going through Colon Cancer. She even attended the same oncology office as me. He told me that he was just sure that I had met her because she was a positive and loving woman, reaching out to others around her.

So today, after friending Thomas on The Book of Faces, I looked through his pictures. Lo and behold, I do remember Kathy. Very well. She was always asking how others were doing and she was an open book. What a beautiful woman. I am so honored that I got to meet her and Thomas. Her life touched many and her legacy through her children and Tom continues a beautiful cycle of loving, caring and making life beautiful.

Thomas, you touched me yesterday. And through you, so did Kathy.

Love, Emily, the Day After


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