Day 81 & 82: March 23, 2014

Thankfulness for March 23rd

Whelp. Today is the day. I am overwhelmed with love and happiness. March 23rd has many meanings for me, and I love how the Universe works to make things meaningful in a perfect storm of well-timed events.

March 23rd is my father’s birthday. He is a rock in my life. He raised Lora Miller and me right. Practical, hard-working and he lives his faith genuinely. The heritage he has passed on to my kids and me is unparalleled in so many ways. Happy Birthday, Don Strabala. I love you.

March 23rd also marks the one year anniversary of Devon’s father, Fred Reese, passing away. It is a sad day in many ways for the Reese clan, but the are celebrating his life today by going to breakfast at Jack’s, Fred favorite restaurant. There are also plans to place his ashes in a beautiful place here in Reno. Reese family, I am thankful to know you and be a part of your lives. Virginia, Wendiana, David, Jeff, Melanie, Amy, Cassidy, Sean and all you others… I love you.

March 23rd also marks the day, three years ago, when I first found out I had Colon Cancer Stage 3b for the first time. It was tough. Not gonna lie. Even though I despise you, Smarmy and Crusty tumors, I am at the same time blessed by having cancer. I have met so many wonderful people, opportunities for growth, empathy and community platforms that I get to be a part of have made me who I am today. Therefore (and this sounds weird I realize), Cancer, I love you, too.

Wig Out! will be such a wonderful way to feel the love and support from all of my circles of peeps. Let’s have a great time a celebrate LIVING LIFE, LOVING LIFE AND IMPACTING OTHERS.

Love, Emily on March 23rd, 2014EmilyBohemianLook

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