Day 78 & 79: March 20, 2014

Thankfulness for Happiness

Click this YouTube link and give it a listen for a half a minute: Happiness Song. It’s today’s theme song.

Don’t you already feel happier? Every time I hear it, I just wanna clap and dance around with my smooth moves. Yes. You heard me. I can dance like a superstar.

Not. But I like to pretend that I can.

I don’t ALWAYS feel happy, but I genuinely feel like I have happiness regardless of the circumstances I may be in at the time.

I’m not really sure why. I mean, what makes me this way? I’ve experienced depression before in a major way, so I know what it feels like to be miserable at my core. But what makes me the opposite way for most of my time here on earth?

Here are some words that pop into my head that might be a part of this: music, acceptance, smiling, laughter, kids, sunshine, thunderstorms, conversations, writing, my Mexican Blanket, my cat, photo albums, encouraging words, birds singing, sunrises, good wine, strawberries, picnics, camping, cool hats, my cowboy boots, waves, sand, road trips, family dinners, basketball, coffee shops, reading, dancing, and…

Dang. So many things. I am a fast typer (that only took me about 1 minute), but I didn’t have to stop and think for more than a second about the next thing on my list. And I could have kept going.

Try it. Make a list. Right in the bottom of this post in the comments. I already feel amazing just by writing that list.

I am thankful for happiness and all of the things that bring it into my life.

Happy International Happiness Day!

Love, I’m Happy and I Know It So I’m Clapping My HandsHappyFeet

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