Day 76: March 17, 2014

Thankfulness for Openness

I spent a wonderful day with a woman on my People Puddle, listening to the most amazing story and recording it. It’s days like today that I am thankful I’m out of work.

The story is hers to tell, and it is intense beyond measure, so I will not reveal the contents of it here without her permission.

But I was honored with the fact that our 2 hours together were filled with her first time of telling anyone many of the things she shared.

She came into my life through divine intervention, and I am excited to see what plans the Maker has for me in being a part of her life.

She is ready to be open about her experiences. She wants to be real. And during her many stories not ONCE was she glorifying or bragging about her life. She was in-my-face-transparent, and I was completely awed. She wants to use her life to help others and a big part of that is sharing her story.

I wish we would all be more open like her. I consider myself an open book, but there are things even I would hesitate to share. When we let fear rule the roost in our hearts and minds about how people will react to stories about our lives, we are holding back something rich and meaningful that someone else could possibly benefit from. I am in awe of her desire to be real.

She was like a ball of wonderful transparent energy just waiting to explode on the world with fabulous tales of heartache, struggles, tragedy, the strength of the human spirit, forgiveness, acceptance and redemption.

Being able to be at a place in life to be open and opening yourself up to someone who is willing to be so raw and real is a blessing. My world was rocked today, and once she shares her story publicly, your world will be rocked, too.

Be open. Be honest. Be willing to take a risk and lay aside your fears of what others might think. This woman is doing that, and I get to be a small part of it. I think she may even change my life along the way, and I am open to it.

Love, Open Book Loveropenbook

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