Day 73: March 14, 2014

Thankfulness for the People Puddle

This round has been rough. Most people don’t see that side of my life. My mornings during my treatment weeks are usually quite chipper. I actually feel like doing something. I am thankful for the cool media stuff I have the honor of being a part of… all of which happen in the mornings.

But after getting unplugged yesterday, I hit rock bottom. While I didn’t puke, I have literally been fighting nausea everyday for the last 2 weeks. Thank God for modern medicine. It keeps it at bay, as long as I stay on top of things.

I finally laid down around 2 p.m. yesterday, and by 4 p.m. I was out cold. My People Puddle Futon was perfect. People came and went yesterday to visit, and they understood that I wasn’t up for chatting. But knowing people were here to look after me helped me to sleep well.

15 hours of good sleep. Seriously.

People Puddle, keep doing your thing. I am thankful for you, the place I can sleep and still feel the presence of people who are loving me and looking after me. And when my kids are with me next week, I can snuggle with them under my Mexican Blanket, knowing that all of the memories I make while laying on you are actually blessings. Even the recovery from chemo stuff.

Love, The People Puddle Dwellerpuddle

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