Day 71: March 12, 1974

Thankfulness for Perfection

This little saying that I posted below really got my attention. Sure, none of us are perfect, especially me.

But what IS perfect, is my life.

Including the things that are happening TO me, even the bad stuff. You see, the things that happen to me are shaping me into a person who can actually say, that despite the bumps, “My life is perfect.”

Even the cancer I’ve had the distinct honor of having is perfect. Look at all of the cool stuff in my life because of it! It is therefore perfectly made for me. My life is perfect!

Today, as so many of you are aware, is my 40th Birthday. I love being able to look at my 40 years on this earth with pride. I see my friends from my early years, giving me the chance to wet my feet with maintaining healthy relationships; I see Devon and the chance to be married and have my Three Little Birds, getting to be a stay-at-home mom for a few years; I see the LGBT community, with the chance to go through my husband coming out of the closet which caused so much overhaul in my belief system; I see my new single life, with the chance to find love again; and I see the pump I am still hooked into today, giving me the opportunity to experience cancer and find the blessings in it. All of these things are perfect. I am pleased with how things turned out and thankful for each morsel that I got to taste.

Because… my life is perfect, just the way was, just the way it is, and just the way it will be in the future.

Love, The Not-So-Perfect Me and My Perfect LifeIamNot Perfect.jpg.

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