Day 68 & 69: March 10, 2014

Thankfulness for MarchMy birthday. Early spring buds on the redbud trees. Colon Cancer Awareness Month. My Wig Out! event on the 23rd.

March is a dang cool month.

I missed writing a thankfulness post yesterday. Yes, I was recovering from the previous night’s activities. No, I wasn’t hungover. I promise. But I stayed up late (which the time change made it seem worse) cavorting with so many important people in my life.

My house was packed. My bff Teresa Wood was here. So were my two close friends from high school, Mindy Visser and Melissa Hackbarth. Basically all of my true homies brought in my birthday with a bang.

While my birthday is technically on this Wednesday the 12th, I want to thank all of you for helping me to celebrate my wonderful life and giving me some early birthday wishes. My life truly is awesome.

Media stuff, starting my own business (go to Emily’s Three Little Birds Project to find out more info), being able to spend so much time with my kids, feeling the love from all over the world with support for us during my chemo treatments… I love my life.

Yes, March has been a great month so far. I am thankful for being born, for one. I am thankful that I had wonderful parents while growing up. I am who I am today, in large part because of them. My sis, Lora Miller and I are thankful for them. They made us work for our allowances, didn’t buy us all the latest brand name stuff (like Guess jeans), and taught us how to be responsible and practical. They gave us the tools we needed to be able to make the right decision, and they didn’t try to control us. They allowed us to make mistakes and the punishments were appropriate to the crime. They are wonderful grandparents to our kids. Don and Jackie Strabala are the bomb shniggity.

The month of March makes me reflect upon all of these things. I love this month, and I am so thankful to be able write about it today.

Love, Marching Forward with Thankfulness

P.S. Here’s some throwback pics for your viewing pleasure today.

MelMindyJeanEmilyHomecoming EmilyHighSchSelfie EmilyMomDadBBall.jog BackPackingMindyJeanEmily EmilyLoraFirstDayOfHS

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