Day 66 and 67: March 8, 2014

Thankfulfness for Waking Up

Here we are this morning, sitting around the table talking about women in history because it’s International Women’s Day today. Me, Mindy Visser, Melissa Hackbarth, and my daughters… I’d say we are experts at being able to talk about women.

We ARE women. Duh.

And since today is International Women’s Day, I’m a little more keyed into some interesting stuff. My friend Mindy just got back from living in Afghanistan. She was there working at an international non-government organization, teaching teachers how to teach.

Things are NOT good there for women. Yet. They may be better than when the Taliban was in power, but trust me, Mindy still had to cover herself, very few of the positions of leadership were held by women and there are still segregated classes in schools.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Wow, you should have heard her go off this morning once we brought up women and International Women’s Day. Basically, without going into all the details, she was incensed at how two-faced their “celebration” of the day was last year while in Afghanistan. Like… PISSED OFF. So pissed off that she got up in the middle of it and spoke her mind.

Good for her. Seriously. She KNOWS what it’s like to be a woman and how horrifyingly backwards it still is for women all over the world. Imagine having to cow-tow to the social mores for two plus years there, knowing that it shouldn’t be that way.

So… when we are celebrating today (and all month long is National Women History Month), we certainly can think about our country and how far things have progressed. But remember that we are blessed. Because seriously, some countries need to WAKE UP and get with the program.

I’m so glad for our country waking up and being able to change. What I find frustrating sometimes is how people complain about all sorts of BS stuff regarding how horrible our country is, how awful our system is, how oppressive the government is… when, really? Go be Mindy for a day, knowing what should be but isn’t, wanting to stand up and tell off the system but being unable to do so.

We should be thankful that our country and system, though far from perfect, allows us to push for things like equality, justice, and non-discrimination. That outrage over say…. oh… I don’t know…a BILL discriminating groups of people based on RELIGIOUS BELIEFS can be expressed and shot down (think: Arizona)? ‘Cuz in Afghanistan, you’re taking huge risk with your life in doing so.

I am so thankful that we can Wake Up the masses and create change… and that as a woman, I can take part in that process.

Love, I-Am-Woman-Hear-Me-Roar

P.S. Here’s a picture from Mindy with little girls in class. She says that things are getting better. And I believe her. I’m so blessed to have amazing friends doing incredible work to make this world a better place.


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