Day 64: March 5, 2014

Thankfulness for the Rear View Mirror

Looking back at stuff that has happened in life can either be negative or positive.

What’s your view?

Obviously, if you know me in any way, shape, or form, you know mine is a positive view.

Sure, when I’m in the middle of something big, it doesn’t feel positive in the moment. But give it a night’s rest, a week, or a month, and pretty much Things look okay.

So why the heck don’t I trust that to be the case in the moment?

It’s because my feelings, my thoughts… need to be handled. I can’t brush ’em under the carpet because they’ll still be there and at some point I’ll trip on that lump in the rug, fall, and break the crap out of my coccyx. Then the stuff will really hit the fan and things won’t be pretty.

Deal with it, Emily. Be real in the moment. Allow the human stuff to be expressed with transparency.

Because in the morning, I’ll wake up and remember that I will be taken care of. I always have been.

Then I can look in the review mirror later… even years later… and know that it has made me into the person I am today. A better person. One who knows the real stuff of humanity. I can be thankful for what was behind me. Maybe the road ahead or the destination is a little blurry, but I know that the clearer the view from behind, the more confident I can be that I’m on the right road.

And I can point others straight ahead, using their review mirror to remember what was behind them, knowing that it was all a part of getting them to the place they are meant to be.

Love, Fond MemoriesrearviewMirror

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