Day 62 & 63: March 4, 2014

Thankfulness for The Force

I see The Force all around me. I see it shaking things up, making things happen, pouring out awesomeness on others, giving people strength.

Do you see it?

I was chatting one time with a fellow cancer fighter awhile ago and I told her: “Watch out. The Universe is going to take a big ol’ glitter poo on you.”

And it is happening for her. She’s feeling the love, The Force is moving in her life and others are coming out of nowhere to help her meet her needs.

She doesn’t know how to react. She feels overwhelmed with The Force. She maybe even feels a little uncomfortable? It’s not like us to be so willing to accept with open arms such an outpouring of love. We want to pridefully say: “Nah. I’ll be okay. I can make it. You don’t have to. That’s just too much.”

I remember feeling that way the first time around with cancer. I mean, people helped. They wanted to. But I rarely asked, even when I knew I needed to. I was resisting The Force. Pride was the path to the Dark Side. I ended up pretty dang depressed in the end. Secluded myself. Felt unworthy. Not really caring if I came out on the Other Side.

But not THIS time. No way. The Force is with me. It’s with you. I’m calling it into my life and you all are a part of it.

The Universe likes taking big ol’ glitter dumps on us. The Force is strong with this one, and with my other friend battling cancer. Pride doesn’t have a place in our worlds. We need The Force. We need you.

Loving the glitter poo.

Love, The Young Paduan Learnercool-yoda

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