Day 61: March 2, 2014

Thankfulness for Clicking

Just to clarify, I’m not talking about the clicking that occurs in the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy.

I’m actually talking about when things just “click.” Like those ah-ha moments that happen and you simply know it is meant to be.

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I have moments like these everyday, all the time.

Take this week, for instance. Or even this entire last few months.

1) The doctors found out what was wrong with me by investigating something else. It worked out perfectly. My health issues clicked and I knew what needed to happen to fight this ridiculous cancer again.

2) My awesome surgeon, Dr. Christine N. Lajeunesse, rescheduled her entire life to be able to repair my ureter so I wouldn’t have to lose my kidney. If we had waited until her schedule was cleared, it wouldn’t have worked out. She was shot the next week in a senseless rampage by a deranged lunatic. Thankfully, she is alive today. I think about how everything clicked with that. I am so thankful for her.

3) Or how about when I was laid off from work with the worst timing in my life? Look how things have worked out. I have had some amazing opportunities come my way that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

4) The cool thing from today? I was talking with my kids about the possibility of starting my own business by helping others promote events, non-profits, projects and businesses who are helping to make this world a better place. I asked them, “I need some ideas on what to call it.” As soon as I asked it, I thought: Three Little Birds. Before I could say anything, Maddie said, “How about Three Little Birds?”

Wow. That clicked.

And now, here it is. Emily’s Three Little Birds Project has been born. I’m excited to see where it leads my family and me. I suspect things will simply click into place. That seems to be the way things happen around here at The Rave Infirmary.

I love it when things “click,” don’t you? What kinds of things can you be thankful for that clicked without you having to force things? I’d love to hear about them below.

Love, Clickety Clacketygods-must-be-crazy

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