Day 58 & 59: February 28, 2014

Thankfulness for the Smell of Rainy Days

Reno is said to be sunny most of the time throughout the year. I love the sunshine, warm dry air and the ability to wear regular clothes without a snowsuit in the winter. It’s a great place to live, and almost everyone who lives here thinks so.

Coming from Iowa, where the seasons are all harsh, I love the fact that I can blow dry and style my hair in the summer and it stays put with a little hairspray here. It was pointless to even dry off after a shower in Iowa because 2 seconds later, my sweaty self was nasty and B.O. ridden right away.

And now, I have this wig, so none of that matters. My hair looks awesome all the time and it takes me 30 seconds to make it look good.

One of the things I miss the most about Iowa, besides my friends and family, are the rain showers and thunderstorms. They are a sight to behold and experience. You can sit outside and shuck your corn while watching the thunderhead clouds roll in. You know that timing thing, where you count the seconds between lightening and thunder? It’s a real thing.

But the smell of rain is what is so awesome. When we get the rare chance to experience rain here in Reno, the smell reminds me of home. It brings up memories of my childhood, where things were simple and enjoyable. I think about the garden that my green-thumbed mom grew and canned veggies for us to eat, as well as the grape jam from our vine.

This is also the same garden where I dragged myself behind my Suzuki Jr 50, full throttle, through the strawberry patch. I also got cut off while racing a neighbor on our motorcycles and went right into the middle of the raspberry thicket. It took my mom and hour to cut me out.

It makes me laugh, looking back.

The smell of rain. Love it. What smells conjure up things from your past that have happy memories? Share them below and be thankful!

Love, Reno’s Midwest GalMysterious-Thunderclouds-1

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