Day 56: February 25, 2014

Thankfulness for my People Puddle

My my futon is what I refer to as my People Puddle. It is where I spend two weeks out of every month recovering, chatting with others, cuddling with the kids and watching Family Guy.

But mostly tonight, I am thankful for it because I can sleep on it really well.

This has been a rough round, people. Not gonna lie. Lotsa sweating, nausea and feeling generally crappy… and this is only Day 1 of Round 3. I have at least 5 more days of this until I start to feel better. People Puddle, do your thang.

So, good night.

Love, People Puddle Lover

P.S. The People Puddle doesn’t like to have its picture taken. It’s shy. Here is a picture of me on it from my first bout with cancer. It’s the only one I could find.

teresa:emily 1st day chemo

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