Day 55: February 24, 2014

Thankfulness for Footprints

There is nothing better than feeling secure.

When stuff hits the fan, it can knock you off balance and make you question everything that ever happened before that moment. Everything you worked for, everything you planned for, can feel suddenly threatened and completely temporary.

Let’s be truthful here. Everything in this life IS temporary. From our health to our money to our jobs, none of it can be taken with us when we leave this world.

But hopefully, we can leave a footprint or two that people will remember us for when they look back on our short, temporary lives. Maybe even a place in a chapter in the book of history.

And hopefully, this chapter includes some positive stuff about us. Something that people can read and learn from through our experiences. It may be a place of honor, but at the very least it can be a legacy that our children can pass on to others.

I want to be a part of that book. I’m guessing you do, too. I think my chapter should be called “Connections.”

You see, in this chapter, all of your names would be included. We have all been connected since the beginning of time, with all of our lives intertwined to do amazing things together. I wouldn’t be who I am today because you all have made a mark on me. You have made your footprints in my heart, and I want to honor you and dedicate that chapter to everyone who has been in my life.

I have learned what it is to be loved. I have learned what it is to love. I have seen how to help, have empathy, love unconditionally and make this world a better place… because of you.

Your footprints are dear to me. And I dedicate my chapter to you.

Love, The Large Hoofed Girl with Size 12 Shoesbeach-footprints2

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