Day 54: February 23, 2014

Thankfulness for Appropriate Anger

Whelp, I’m kinda like, maybe a little bit… OVER THE FACT that people who believe homosexuality is “wrong” feel that they can simply be assholes and deny BUSINESS services to people who are gay (or deny housing, which seriously still happens in many states in the Midwest)!

This is not loving them but hating them and hiding behind the Bible to justify their judgey bullcrap. Don’t serve them if that’s your beef, but you are literally telling them with your actions that God hates them too. None of your excuses or reasoning works AT ALL.

And in case you didn’t read my rant in Samesides recently about the wonderful phrase “love the sinner, hate the sin” because you didn’t like the title I chose, you are probably the very one who should be reading it. If you don’t, you are willingly choosing to be ignorant about Biblical facts, which you say you believe in.  If you’re feeling brave, here you go: God Loves You (Naw, Just Kidding).

You certainly can have your religious convictions, but you cannot legally discriminate against a group of people. Period. You say you would welcome gay people in your church, with strings attached (and you know it) and if they give you a tithe each Sunday, you’d take their money. So seriously, don’t be a jerk.

This rant brought to you by the following questions in the picture below. If you were willing to even think for a second and put yourself in the shoes of someone who lives, according to you, a “choice” and “lifestyle”, which are all words you are just repeating from the “Christian Agenda” (since you think there is some mysterious written “Gay Agenda Document” out there)… maybe you stand a chance of understanding and loving a gay person without strings attached.

Also, since you now know my true thoughts and if this pisses you off, feel free to defriend and block me. I am done trying to be nice about this issue. Done. There is no further debate. If you think differently, you are wrong. I know this, because I used to think like you until God gave me the opportunity to experience the other side of this issue. I’m so glad He did. I wouldn’t EVER want to go back to that way of thinking, where others did the thinking for me.

Believe me, I actually had someone say they weren’t going to give to my fund because of my stance of homosexuality. Guess what? I don’t want your money. Also, I’m 40 years old and not a child. I don’t have to take that kind of crappy, condescending and judgmental thinking. There are plenty of non-Christians and Christians out there who are willing to give without trying to teach me something I already know from firsthand experience.

Yeah. I think I said everything that needed to be said. I sure feel better.

Love, Rightfully Pissed Off


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