Day 50: February 19, 2014

Thankfulness for Sisters

I’m certain that I’ve mentioned my sister before. Like, I don’t know, maybe 583 times or something like that. She’s pretty cool, I guess.

No, we didn’t always get along. In fact, I was super mean to her growing up. I would even go so far as to say I was a bit of a bully to her. I “borrowed” her clothes without asking, was known to whack her a time or two, took advantage of her kindness… basic sister stuff. Honestly, I look back now and was kind of jealous of her over petty things. She was a really grounded kid. I will tell you that her best weapons were the fingernails she grew. I swear, that girl could fight back with the force of a tiger.

And now she’s basically one of my best friends. I’m so glad she let the stupid little girl in me off with her amazing forgiveness. She is tough and gentle, serious and funny, practical and spontaneous… all dichotomies… but in everything she has integrity and is genuine.

Honestly, she is one of the few Christians that truly lives her faith without judging others. She simply loves.

I chat with her all the time, sometimes everyday. She talks me off of all kinds of ledges, accepts our differences of opinions and paradigms with grace and love, and allows me to be myself… all of me. Including my crude self, which I know she kind of appreciates, even though she isn’t like that herself.

She has got an amazing marriage with Troy. I love it when she shares how they work through their issues. She’s got a good egg in him, and I know he is blessed to be married to her. Her three beautiful babies are super cool and I’m so thankful when my own three little birds get to spend time with them. Good memories are made every summer.

They are the reason that I miss Iowa the most.

Today, Lora Miller shared with me how she and Troy are going to be helping me through the next 6 months. I won’t reveal it here until they choose to share it, but my heart was seriously touched. I love her so much. And I really feel the love she has for me.

Lora, people who know you, and those who know you now because I’ve talked about you here, are blessed. You are one of a kind, and my favorite sister ever.

Yes, you’re my only sister.

But if you weren’t, you’d be my favorite.

Love, Big Sister


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