Day 48: February 17, 2014

Thankfulness for Capturing the Moment

So many things fly by during our day. Some of them are mundane, no doubt. But many more are precious, and we often don’t pause to intentionally soak in the scene and the feelings that we have surrounding those that are most important to us.

Today started my week with the kids being back at my house. There’s usually a flurry of things that need to get accomplished, especially the day before school is back in session for the week. Fortunately, the kids had the day off for a Monday, but we still needed to get things done.

I wasn’t actually feeling tip-top today, so I needed to lay down after getting grumpy with them while I was rushing around. I do believe I went a little over the top with my impatience for a good half hour and I knew it was the chemo and drugs talking. So after apologizing to each of them for my overreactions, I got them settled into doing their homework and project preps that needed to happen.

I gave Thomas, after realizing he was done with everything, the task of reading for 45 minutes. Of course he moaned, because he wanted to play a stupid video game. But I persisted and told him he could lay down next to me to read while I rested.

As we both got settled in, I glanced over.

It was one of those moments. The moment that I knew I needed to soak in and remember.

What a precious thing to have my kids with me. I can look back later, whenever I know I need it or the Universe knows I need it, and see my boy laying next to me during a time where all we really need is just to be in each others presence.

I love being able to slow down and soak in moments like these.

Love, Living in the Moment

P.S. Thanks for reading this long post. I know I sent out a really long one today regarding my upcoming fundraiser. But if I never have another penny to my name, I had today. And I had this moment.


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