Day 46: February 15, 2014

Thankfulness for Scars

Wanna find out who your true friends are? Do something like Beth did in the attached article.

This thankfulness post is dedicated to all of my peeps who have gone through cancer, especially breast cancer. Scars are nothing to be ashamed of, and neither is our body, especially when it educates people to understand real life issues. I think of all the “smut” that Facebook allows (in quotes, because I’m not even sure how to describe what is appropriate or inappropriate). For once, I applaud FB for supporting Beth and the material in this article.

How dare her “friends” report the material. I’m sorry? It made you think of your own mortality and that cancer doesn’t discriminate? It grossed you out? Poor you… you felt uncomfortable? Awwww.

Now… don’t open it if you think it will be too much for you. It is understandable. But THIS is the reality of cancer, people. And NOTHING to be ashamed of. If someone asked me to take pics of my scars and the realities of Colon Cancer, I’m pretty sure I would do it. Yes, I would have to take into account my job, my friends, my family… but if pictures of my scars would cause one person to go and get a colonoscopy and catch cancer early, it would all be worth it.

I love you, Cancer Fighter and Survivors. I love you, Caretakers of people who are affected by cancer. I love you, all of those who have lost loved ones to cancer.

“Your scars are a physical or emotional representation of a trial you’ve been through,” Whaanga told The Huffington Post in an email. “They show that you came through the trial and survived.”

Every scar has a story… and almost always a lesson. Think about it. Look at some of your own scars. Think of the story and the lesson that it involves. I’ll bet you you’ve got some good stories because of that scar and a lesson you can share because of it. In fact, I’ve been thinking about writing a book called “Scars” and recording people’s stories surrounding them.

Never be ashamed of your battle scars, strong fighters. Never.

Love, Scarred For Life and Proud of It

Here’s the Huffington Post article if you’d like to read it.

Huffington Post Article on Beth Whaanga


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