Day 45: February 14, 2014

Thankfulness for Lots of Somebodies to Love

I friggin’ love this song.

(Click on the link below, then listen to it while you read the rest of the post.)

Freddie Mercury:  Somebody To Love

Freddie Mercury. He always wrote songs from his heart and sang with his soul.

On this Valentine’s Day, instead of feeling sorry for myself that I don’t technically have one particular person to love (which would honestly be nice on my evenings doing chemo or feeling like ka-ka to have some big strong arms around me to spoon me so I feel pretty), I have decided to widen my idea of who my Valentine is.

Yes. I’m talking about all of you.

You all have shown me so much love that I sometimes feel like I don’t have enough room to accept it in my heart. Yet, my spongy soul keeps soaking it up. It gives me so much strength, and honestly, there aren’t enough words to describe what it does for me.

If I never find love again, I’m going to be okay. You know why? Because I have experienced TRUE love, giving, acceptance, non-judgment, forgiveness and generosity from (what feels like) the WORLD. And you know what I have to thank for that?


That’s right. I am seriously saying that I am thankful for Cancer.

Look at all of the Valentines I have around me. Not just today, either. EVERY SINGLE DAY for the rest of my life.

Do I want a dude to compliment me in body, soul and thought, where we can serve each other in love? Sure I do. I would be lying if I said anything different.

But am I confident that I have already experienced true love on this earth and am filled enough in my love tank to be able to spill that love back to others for the rest of my life?


I love all of you, Valentines. Today and everyday. For the rest of my life.

Love, Your Somebody to Love


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