Day 43: February 12, 2014

Thankfulness for Cold Stuff and Friends Who Bless Me with Cool Stuff

This chemo poison sucks tuchas.

The benefit of having to go through this nearly 3 years ago is the ability to compare my new experience with the old one.

The last time I did chemo, I completely lost the option of ever drinking, touching or breathing in anything cold. We are talking no ice, no ice cream, no pop sickles, no breathing in cold air, no touching any cold metal or cold early morning tile floors. Anytime I would come into contact with cold, it sent my nerves through the roof with massive pain. After my first week of chemo last time, I had to call the ambulance to my house after taking a very short walk around the block when it was chilly. My dang throat closed up and I could barely breathe.

Not this time. This time it’s sweating. Which I’m really good at dealing with because I do that all day long anyway just sitting around when I’m NOT on chemo. I call myself Sweaty McSweater for good reasons.

So when the awesomesauce Brenda Elliott McNamara called to see if she could stop by with something from Starbucks, I started drooling on the phone. Those Cool Lime Refreshers are the bombshniggity and was exactly the thing I needed.

When she came by, which was awesome by the way, Brenda, I was reminded that I am thankful for the cold stuff I can drink, eat and breathe. What a simple pleasure.

It also kinda curbed my sweating issue, which was super swell. Seriously, Sista.

Made it through today. And when I got home tonight after a meeting I wanted to attend, there in my doorway was THE COOLEST WIG EVER, given to me by Sarah Hardy-Cooper and Erin Rothfuss. I mean, this wig is hot and good quality. I may even consider shaving my head just so I have to wear it… and not have scalp sweat as much… because you know, I am Sweaty McSweater.

Hanging out now with the generous and kind Marijke Rahja. I love all of the sleepover parties I get to have with my friends on a school night. Having friends who are cool and who bring me cool stuff actually makes me super cool.

I love my cool life. I love all of you.

Love, Cool Chick with Cool Friends and Cool Lime Refreshers


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