Day 41 and 42 combined: February 11, 2014

Thankfulness for Distractions

I was super duper pooper distracted yesterday. By the time I had crawled into bed and fell asleep, I was too dang tired to get up and be consistent to get a thankfulness post done.

I’m really glad I was distracted. I kind of analyzed my day yesterday and realized that I was honestly trying to avoid thinking about TODAY. I was not wanting to think about it because I remembered very quickly those sinking knots in my stomach that I got when chemo day came along last time, thinking about having a week of feeling like ka-ka and worried about the possible unexpected side effects that could develop.

So I am thankful for the following list of distractions from yesterday: Kurtis Wheeler, Family Guy, Wedding Crashers, laughter, Jill Marlene and Elaina coming over, Alana Davis’ website and PR to work on for her new business (, working on promoting LunaFest for the Zonta Club of Greater Reno Advocacy, revising my book and screwing around on Facebook.

Those distractions really came in handy yesterday. And while distractions aren’t always a healthy thing, in this case it was. Thank you, distraction gods.

So, as a secondary thankfulness item, I got through today. Yes, I felt anxious this morning. But I held onto the thought of the future next week where I will feel amazeballs. Thank you Xanex gods. My excellent doctors and staff came up with a plan ahead of time to prevent the Profuse Acute Sweating. Shelly Whalen came by to visit. Love her. She brought me some salty chips which I was suddenly craving. I got to meet an older couple hanging out in the Comfy Chemo Chairs who were getting the husband through his very first day of chemo… the exact regimen that I went through the first time. I was able to offer my home to the wife while her husband goes through his chemo because they are from Susanville and don’t know anyone here. You know, I really do love being open to meeting and chatting with people. Turns out, her son came out of the closet years ago and we were really able to connect.

See? Chemo ain’t so bad. Just need to get through the next 2 days of being hooked up to my pump/fanny pack and then work toward feeling good after Thursday. I can do that.

‘Cuz I have the awesome distraction gods on my team.

Love, …………..

Wait. What was I saying? I got distracted.


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