Day 40: February 9, 2014

Thankfulness for Tucking In

It’s Sunday. I’m on my porch sitting in the dark breathing in the damp air and listening to the rain drops, drinking a glass of merlot. My kids are asleep in their beds. I am full of thankfulness.

It has been a great week. One of the best. Even Kate said so tonight as I tucked my kids in for the evening.

I am at peace.

I love to tuck them in at night. They still like it, too. It’s one of the best things (and there are many) about being a mom.

Thanks, my beautiful babies, for loving me, for understanding my weaknesses, for letting me be real, for forgiving me when I’m impatient and loving me wholeheartedly.

My three little birds are the reason for getting through the next 6 months with a smile on my face.

Love, Mom


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