Day 138 & 139: May 19, 2014

Thankfulness for Home

Looking back on those early days of my surgeries and being diagnosed with Colon Cancer again in December, I was seriously stressed to the nines.

I was laid off from work. There went my salary.

I could have lost my insurance benefits, but it worked out with my school to keep me on it. I’m so thankful to be a part of my Rainshadow Community Charter High School family. They support me however they can, even when I’m not there.

But the scariest thing was the prospect that I would have to move from my amazing home in the Old SW. With the loss of salary, the idea was a reality. My child support only goes so far and there is no way I could survive on that alone.

My house is old. I think it may have been built in the ’40s and was built during a time where builders paid attention to unique and functional details. One of the things that sold me on the house when I first saw it was the front slamming screen door. It reminded me of my childhood, my grandma’s house and happy kids running in and out of the screen door, playing carefree and loving life. It also has the coolest huge and functional kitchen with a round banquette built into the corner. Most of the time when I have people over, we can all stay in the kitchen and hang out. It has a very cool staircase with an old and original wool carpet runner. Everything else is wood floors. I also have a fireplace, a basement and a garage (for those of you in the midwest, basements are not common here). And the front porch? Well, I check into “The Coolest Porch In Reno” often on The Book of Faces late at night while I’m sitting there bundled up, writing away. The kids love the place because they can safely play around the neighborhood, which is full of great families who watch out for each other. It’s just a few blocks from downtown and many of my homies live in the area. In fact, entire herds of homies often show up at my door to grab me for a “boozy” walk.

I love this place.

So when the idea that I might have to move out for a temporary situation during my 6 months of chemo treatments, I was devastated. I considered moving in with Devon and Felipe, Virginia, or my favorite sis-n-law, Wendiana. They were willing to help me out in anyway they could, but to have to move somewhere in the middle of those early stressful days after surgery made me depressed.

And then all of you people showed up in my home… my heart… which is where my true home really is. I asked for help and you all came along beside me so I could stay here. Now, when I think of my home, not only am I grateful for it, but I think of you all when I am in my home, on my porch or cuddling with my Three Little Birds on the People Puddle. I love how people take care of their own and I’m thankful my kids get to experience what it’s like to be taken care of without strings attached. They will be such wonderful adults because of it!

I got to stay in my home and now The Rave Infirmary holds deeper meaning for me. It is a place of healing, of love, of generosity, of comfort and of survival.

While home usually is where the heart is, this place contains so much awesomeness that I am overwhelmed this morning with gratefulness for my home.

And that also means I am grateful for you.

Love, Homeward BoundFrontPorch

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