Day 37: February 6, 2014

Thankfulness for Pop Rockin’ Energy

As we walk in the door from bringing the kids home from school today, Lady Gaga is BLARING from my kitchen, amazing smells wafting throughout the house and a GREAT energy flowing around.

Yes, Kurtis Wheeler is IN… THA… HOOOUUUUUSE!!!!!!

Maddie walks around the corner and yells: “Yes! FINALLY! Some good music that isn’t NPR and 70’s!” And she started singing and dancing.

And then all of us were in the kitchen havin’ a dance party with Kurtis and his awesome chef-ery.

I am thankful for this dude. He has driven up to be with me for the next several days from Vegas to hang and make gourmet meals for the kids and I to put in our the freezer.

Tonight’s menu: Tri-Tip with homemade gravy, potatoes au gratin and brussel sprouts with lemon garlic butter sauce. For dessert? Chocolate cream pie.

With an appetizer of good energy, rockin’ music and happiness in my home.

Love, The Rockin’ Energy Girl


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