Day 24: January 24, 2014

Thankfulness for Super Human Strength

The question and/or comment that I get the most, based on some of the stuff I’ve had to face (hubby coming out of closet and cancer 2x) is: How do you DO it? (or some rendition of it).

I’ll tell you how. You just DO it. Like Nike style.

I’ve heard people say: I wouldn’t be able to do it. I would fold. I would totally give up.

My response: Yes, you would fight. You absolutely would. You would do whatever you could do make it through.

And probably you would rise higher than you ever thought you could. You would amaze yourself. It’s like the feeling women get after they’ve had a baby. You’re all: Damn! Look what I just did! I pushed that alien out of my lady parts. I can do anything! I am Wonder Woman!

You would even amaze yourself by finding JOY in the crappiest thing you’ve ever experienced. I mean, probably not right away. Maybe you will need counseling. Maybe you will need to be on anti-depressant meds. Maybe you will even contemplate not living.

But if you expect that you will make it through it eventually, even if you can’t see in front of your nose for awhile, you will become Wonder Woman or Superman incarnate.

And you might even have times where you’re skipping around all happy and stuff, loving your life, right in the middle of the ka-ka.

Get thankful. That’s all you can do. Thankful for anything at all. Maybe just the fact that you took a damn shower could be something to be thankful for.

Depression sucks. So I don’t want to diminish it. But the human spirit is so strong. It really is.

And so I can dance around in Lawrence Welk’s bubble machine and be happy, even in the middle of this crap.

Love, Bubbles McGee


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