Day 195: July 26, 2014

Thankfulness for Yoda

I have talked about The Force many Thankfulness Posts ago. But today, I found this picture that gives a whole bunch of Yoda’s wisdom, and honestly, he was spot on, all the time… even if his grammar organization makes me cringe.

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about the Force. We weren’t talking about Star Wars either, although I could talk all day about that movie if given the chance. I’m a total dweeb.

The thing is, no matter what you call positive and negative thinking, whether it is in the context of religion, philosophy or general humanity, you see the dark side and the light side all around us.

It is our choice in how to deal with life’s events, tragedies, social issues, protests and government that can make our world a better place… or not. We can choose the Dark Side, or we can choose the Light Side.

Many people I know want this world to simply be better. But the media is constantly inundating us with the horrible stuff going on. Bombings, plane crashes, factions in religion and groups of people, murder, abuse, blah blah blah. These things can make us feel helpless and throw our hands up to say: “Lord, take me NOW! I can’t take this world anymore!”

That’s a cop out. Sure, I get frustrated like that. I even gripe about it openly in my posts. We all do that, so I’m not saying I’m perfect and Yoda-ish. I wish I was. I would love to look all innocent and be wise but be able to kick Darth World’s ass with my little cane and light saber. (That part in the movie was AWESOME. Little Yoda spinning and jumping off walls.)

It’s a cop out because we HAVE to start believing that we can be the change we want to see. When we (and by we, I mostly mean “I”) get loaded down with frustration over things happening in our personal lives or around the world, we lose sight over what we can do in the here and now, in our OWN lives and in the lives of those around us, to affect positive change.

Not to be preachy, here. I am the most guilty of focusing on the negative. And it’s a huge drag.

Jesus’ disciples constantly complained and tried to focus on the negative… and He was always trying to bring them back to the here and now. Instead of focusing on the huge crowds and how could they possibly be fed and oh-my-gosh we should send them home, Jesus made things happen. He loved little kids and always took the time to show them the simplicity of what love can do. He told us not to worry… because my goodness, the birds of the air are naturally taken care of, so what is worrying going to do? It’s not going to add a day more to our lives. What can we do in the HERE AND NOW to love and make this world… and the lives of others… better?

So, if you don’t believe in Jesus and all of the spiritual things he did and represented, then take a look at all of the things Yoda says. He was right in line with what the Letters in Red say. Let go of the things you cannot control. Stop fearing. There is no fear in love… fear is the path to the Dark Side.

What quotes in this picture resonate with YOU the most? Please do share in the comments below, and by doing so it may help you focus (just for today) on a more positive, Light Side way of thinking. At least for the moment.

Love, The Jolly Green Giant Yoda With Words as Her Light Saberwisdom_yoda

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