Day 194: July 25, 2014

Thankfulness for the Gift of Gab

4 years ago, I would have never dreamed that I would be in front of people, talking about everything from my cancer experience to Devon coming out of the closet to my experience with a blind woman sitting on me in a toilet stall when I was 7.

Yes, her big rear end sat on me. I was a frightened child who was speechless that someone would walk into my unlocked stall (thanks, Mom, for not letting me know to lock the stall door during my first foray in going to a public restroom by myself). I also didn’t know what a white cane meant. To say that it scarred me would be an understatement.

No. She didn’t pee on me. It taught me early on to NOT be like all of those wimpy ladies in the restroom who saw what was happening but did not speak up. Stupid ladies. You have a voice. Use it!

There is no question that I love to tell stories. But it’s the stage, the classroom, the T.V. and the radio that I could have never guessed I would be using as a platform to share stuff.

Honestly, Cancer gave this to me. This is why I am able to say I am thankful for Cancer. Without it, I wouldn’t have gotten to do the things I’ve done. My experiences with facing my own mortality gave me the confidence and desire to do the things the Universe has brought into my life. And once I was willing to start sharing, the Universe pooped glitter all over me.

Thanks Oliver, for giving me the opportunity to have fun with you on the air through the Reno Tahoe Tonight Show. Radio is a blast, and I’m hoping to continue being a part of it somehow once I return to teaching in a few weeks while I finish my last 2 semesters of my master’s program. Also, thank you to Chip Evans and Eddie Floyd for giving me the opportunity to play a small part in America Matters Media. Every Thursday, I leave the studio feeling blessed and happy.

Whew. Busy life. And a happy one! Be open to sharing your experiences with others. God knows I have the gift of gab and because I’ve broken out of my shell and have been open to what the Universe has to offer, I am constantly being showered with glitter from on high.

Love, Gabby Girl

P.S. If you haven’t “liked” the Reno Tahoe Tonight Show Facebook page, please do so. When I post info for the show, it gives you a link to hear the show live from anywhere in the country and world.FunnyEmilyPicInStudio

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