Day 192: July 23, 2014

Thankfulness for My Middle Bird

It has been a great week.

Thomas and Maddie are out of town this week. Thomas is enjoying the heck out of himself at a Nike basketball camp with Coach Ballinger‘s son. Reports from my spies Devon and Felipe indicate that he is a stud. As a side note, they truly are undercover spies: They went to the campus and literally hid in the bushes to watch him for a bit without him knowing. Creepy? Maybe. But it made me laugh, picturing them in camouflage gear with the National Geographic theme song playing in the background. They are two of the biggest dorks I know, and great dads.

Maddie is getting the chance to spread her wings with independence and self-esteem at debate camp for two weeks in Kansas City at the UMKC Debate camp. Linda Collier posted a picture with her a couple of days ago. Maddie looks older and wiser and I miss her terribly. I can’t wait to make my 14 year old cuddle with me when she gets back on Saturday.

This week I have had the privilege of spending quality and quantity time with Kate, my Middle Little Bird. As you can see from the pictures I’ve posted… she is seriously beautiful. The wonderful thing is, is that she doesn’t even realize how pretty she is. She is almost as tall as me now, and yes, she has inherited my large hooves. She has started to rummage through my shoes and I am okay with that. I hate having huge feet, especially when I was her age, but she doesn’t seem to care.

Kate doesn’t care about anything like that. She is one of the few teens that truly doesn’t give a rip about petty and unimportant things. She is otherworldly at times and thinks about HUGE things of social importance, dreams really big about what she can do… which she believes (and we do too) that she can literally do anything. I always say: Watch out, World. When Kate is a grown up there is nothing that can stop her. Lately she is interested in becoming an agriculturalist, raising organic foods to sell to high end restaurants in SF. And she seriously could do that, too.

I love hearing her thoughts. She amazes me with her dreaming about her future and her heart for the downtrodden. She was able to be the emcee at her Math Camp talent show last week, running the show, having the microphone and being the organizer behind the show. Hmmm… sound like anyone else you know?

Me. Me. That sounds like ME.

We went to Discover Dickerson Road where she got to meet all my weirdy artsy friends. We hung out at Sierra Water Gardens in the shade and relaxed and chatted about life and Breeze Turner joined us for adult conversation. Kate hung right in there with us.

She was my date to Victoria and James’ Wedding on Sunday. That’s where these photos were taken. Her beauty takes my breath away.

Felipe, get your guns ready.

It’s a precious time this week. Rarely does a mom get to spend individual time with just ONE of her kids when she has three. God, thank you for this time. I love that Middle Bird with all of my heart and I mean it when I say I can’t WAIT to see how she is going to roar through this world making her mark on everyone and anything she touches.

Keep up the good work, Kate, of being yourself… always. You think you’re a little weird, and you are okay with that. So am I, Sweetie. So am I.

Love, Momma BirdKateBlowingBubbles KateVictoirasWedding


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