Day 191: July 22, 2014

Thankfulness for Being a Pluviophile

The rain the last couple of days has been AWESOME! Reno needs more of it, even though it causes some flash flooding and the weird funnel cloud/baby tornado that happened last night.

That was super weird by the way. Made me thankful that I have a basement in my old rad house during a time when all houses were still built with basements. ‘Cuz even though tornadoes really don’t scare me, basements give me security. Otherwise, I’m diggin a giant ditch with my Three Little Bird Slaves somewhere to get underground, or holding on to my nasty toilet pipes. And those pipes are NASTY and too small for all four of us to be able to hold on. We’d have to play Ro-Sham-Bo to see who survives and who doesn’t.

Anyway, I love the rain. I also love words. So, the word “pluviophile” that I wrote above? You can tell your kids you learned something today after you get home from work. It means “a lover of rain.”

You’re welcome.

And this rain? Well, it’s cooled off my Sweat Lodge and has in turn quashed my constant sweating. I could also safely boil the ears of sweet corn last night for dinner without raising the temperature of my house.

When I see rain, I often think about the phrase “God is crying.” Now, when I lived as a fearful child I would sometimes think: Oh crap. What did I do to make God cry NOW?

But of course I know better. Finally, at 40, I have stopped thinking that way. Rain is cleansing, smells good, replenishes water supplies and helps things be green and grow. It’s more like blessings from God, not sadness. Rain is sacred, actually, and I have become more of a pluviophile since living here in Reno. We need more of it.

So, pretty simple. I’m thankful for the rain.

Wet t-shirt contest? Bring it. I got the goods and I ain’t afraid to flaunt them.

Now, metaphorically, it makes me think: How am I pouring out this sacredness, like my words, compassion, actions and thoughts that help other people grow, replenish their beings and cleanse their spirits?

Just a deep thought for you on this rainy morning.

Love, The Non-Sweating Pluviophile

P.S. There are SO MANY cool images for “rain”. Obviously, I had to put a cat picture in there, since I am officially a Crazy Cat Lady now.letItRain MOMA-Rain-Room-2-horizontal catinRainWindow KidDancingInRain

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