Day 184: July 15, 2014

Thankfulness for the Heat

I believe you all have met Sweaty McSweater. She is a part of me. One of my Multiple Personality Disorder characters. The name speaks for itself. I was born with her. She is like my evil twin.

Also, my cute house in the Old SW doesn’t have air conditioning.

I pretty much stuff paper towels under my boobs for the sweat that collects there and have that constant slicked back wet look to my hair. Sexy, obviously. Add Sweaty McSweater to the reaction I have to chemo and this 100+ degree weather we’re having and I can hydrate my own children… from my body alone.

But this week has been a blast because of the heat.

Mindy, Melissa, Jean, Unity and Lora Miller: remember that camper that Mom and Dad had that I essentially made my second home, where we had sleepovers (and had certain people secretly over in the middle of the night)? Well, I’m getting to do that again.

Except for the secretive part.

The best place for me right now during this heat and recovery is in Teresa and John’s camper in their driveway. True hillbilly camping. I’m even wearing a wife beater right now and boxers while in a lawn chair, sippin’ on coffee with Teresa in the driveway.

Sexy, obviously.

I am thankful for this heat, because not only are Teresa and I getting to pretend to have juvenile sleepovers (actually, we are juvenile, so we’re not pretending), but I have thought of those amazing times with you all before we had to face the world as adults with real issues to tackle. You gals (and Unit) were such amazing friends, and still are. I do believe you all earn some of the credit for me being the person I am today, making it through cancer and chemo, and being able to learn to love all kinds of people… like all of you have always done.

So, thank you, Heat. Without you, I wouldn’t be reenacting a King of the Hill episode right now or have been able to see with fondness those memories with people who have been by my side in a spirit of friendship and support during the most formative years of my life.

Love, Camper Trip Down Memory LaneRoomIsHotLordOfTheRings

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