Day 179: July 10, 2014

Thankfulness for Freedom From the Borg

As of today, around noon, I will officially be free from the Borg.

That Third Nipple of mine (my port) will get unplugged and my final recovery days will begin.

Cancer has taught me many things, as you are well aware if you’ve kept up with my 365 Days of Thankfulness posts, and I am grateful to have gotten to experience Cancer. Otherwise, those experiences may not have ever happened.

I am exponentially thankful for how my kids have handled it all. 2X now. They worry, they stick close to me… and they are so happy that I’ve made it through. They are my biggest champions.

It’s not easy telling your kids that you have cancer and have to do chemo. The first time around, they didn’t understand as clearly as they do this time the ramifications of having cancer. While Colon Cancer has one of the highest success rates of survival, we have all since being diagnosed the first time, met people whose family members didn’t survive. That makes them worry even more.

My hope for them is that they will learn how to let go and accept the things they cannot change. I am also hopeful that this experience will make them into even more empathetic, loving, and impactful human beings; that they will be able to overcome fear and worry so that it doesn’t rule their thoughts, soul and actions. They are destined for amazing things, and I can’t wait to see how our experience with cancer (and other tough stuff) will shape them into adults who understand generosity, charity, and unconditional love.

Kate and Thomas are on their way home on an airplane this morning from spending time with my parents, my sis, and her family. Maddie will be staying an extra two weeks in Kansas City for debate camp. All of them have gotten to experience travel by themselves, and I know I will look at them when they get back and see in their eyes the wisdom that taking care of their own actions without supervision has grown them.

They are wonderful. Even though I know that I plant positive words and thoughts in their hearts often, I will continue to express my love for them in meaningful ways.

I will soon be back to my old self again, apart from the Borg, and will be able to get down to the business of living my life with my Three Little Birds like we always used to: carefree and flying, reaching for the sky with high hopes for their future.

Love, Momma BirdFullWonderWomanCousinsIowaVisit2014


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