Day 176: July 7, 2014

Thankfulness for Feeling Like Ka-Ka

Yep. You read that right. I cannot wait to feel like arse, starting tomorrow.

Duh. You must know why. It’s my 12th and final chemo! It will be the last time I take a Chemo Chair Selfie, the last time I post my Kick Cancer’s Ass Boots picture (which have changed to Birks. Don’t hate. It’s too damn hot out.), and the last time I will have to wear my fashionable black fanny pack with the mustard gas derivative pump in it ’til Thursday.

Yes, the black fanny pack helps me bring sexy back. I will miss it terribly.

So, here’s how the Universe loved on me this weekend at High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy, CA:

Besides the general awesomeness of hanging with my peeps, eating gyros 2 times a day, dancing my FACE off to all kinds of bands, and sweating like the Sweaty McSweater in me likes to do, I was blessed last night by dancing to (no kidding) one of my favorite bands under one of my favorite tents at the festival.


One of the last songs they played was (drum roll, please)… Three Little Birds.

All of you know that is my life’s theme song. Maddie, Kate and Thomas are my Three Little Birds. We sing it all the time as a family and so many of you send me pics of three little birds and give me gifts with three little birds on it. I am fleshing out the business plan for my Emily’s Three Little Birds Project that has the goal of connecting non-profits with for-profit companies with the power of three to help make this world a better place. I have plans to get my first tattoo with… you guessed it… Three Little Birds.

So when I started tearing up as they played the song (you know I hate to cry), I just had to be thankful from the deepest parts of my soul. Very cool, right?

But there’s more.

I decided to be a silly fan and ask at the end of the show if I could go back stage to get a picture with them. The worst they could say was “no.” But they didn’t. Security took me back, I explained my story briefly and that it’s my last chemo tomorrow and why that song is so meaningful.

They told me they hadn’t even planned on singing it in that set. They said something along the lines that they felt led to play it.

Hmmm… again, the Universe likes to take giant glitter dumps on me. I’m guessing the glitter wasn’t bought at Hobby Lobby.

Big group hugs, lots of encouragement and a few pics. And some major joy flowing through my spirit.

So, bring it on, chemo and ka-ka feelings. Cancer, I am glad you’re gone, but I can still say I am thankful for You. I mean, seriously, we are talking a LONG Santa List of amazing blessings that have come from this. I have a feeling more cool shtuff is down the line waiting to pop up. Life is beautiful.

Love, Sweaty McSweater Dancing to the Beat of the Universe’s Tunes

Me with Sambada back stage on the last night of High Sierra Music Festival.

Me with Sambada back stage on the last night of High Sierra Music Festival.

Me with my BFF Teresa at HSMF.

Me with my BFF Teresa at HSMF.

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