Day 167: June 17, 2014

Thankfulness for Three NipplesToday’s Round 11 is brought to you by my port, a.k.a. My Third Nipple. Modern medicine and procedures are pretty dang incredible, honestly. For those of you who have ever experienced having to get an I.V. started on a consistent basis, you know that eventually it gets tougher and tougher to get a good “poke.” So when your veins have all been thinned out and affected by chemo drugs, it gets REALLY difficult to get an I.V. started.

Enter, The Port.

It is surgically inserted to a main blood vessel so that you can just plug in, like I am a part of The Matrix or Borg… whichever sci-fi reference you prefer. This time around, I am going to ask if I can keep the port once it’s removed. I met someone a few weeks ago who has hers as a key chain, and it was super cool. My girls and Felipe are stopping by in a bit to bring me lunch and Momma (Linda) is taking good care of me.

I think I forgot to mention that this is my second to last round. Only ONE MORE LEFT! So thankful for all of the support from everyone.

Love, The Circus Freak With Three Nipples

round11portSelfie round11selfie

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