Day 156: June 6, 2014

Thankfulness for The Trifecta

So many things with Round 10 have gone better than the last round, the biggest one being that I was very dehydrated last time. This time I was prepared. All of my labs this week were perfect, and while I don’t feel totally awesome right now, being hydrated and eating healthy these past couple of weeks has really paid off.

[Barring the foot long chili dog from Sonic that I was craving this Wednesday. When I crave something during chemo weeks, I go for it. And since Freeman’s Natural Hot Dogs has closed its doors – WHA? – Sonic was the next best thing for my fix.]

But tonight? Tonight was rad.

Three of my favorite strong women are here with me, cleaning, organizing, cooking and making me laugh.

Leila Aziz, who refuses to be on Facebook, is such a good woman. I have known her now for about six years, and the girl has a heart as big as Texas. No, bigger. Pick a continent. Any continent. She’s funny, a giver and beautiful. She is my Chanel hookup and anyone who has met her has been gifted some amazing stuff. I am so blessed to have her as a friend.

My friend Nancy Kelso is here from Kansas City for the next two weeks. She is one of my oldest friends from Iowa, and she was a mentor turned friend during my college years. I learned how to live authentically and with transparency because of her. She is real, through and through, and having her here is an ultimate blessing during this time in my life.

And then, of course, is Teresa, my dearest and silliest of friends. She and I joke and call each other “life-partners” and make plans to grow old together. The day I met her started us on a journey of fun, laughter, support and having a constant unconditional love in the air everywhere we are together.

And so the four of us, after a lovely gourmet dinner compliments of Leila, sat out on my back porch and played a hilarious round of Cards Against Humanity. Three of my favorite women, all laughing and enjoying the heck out of ourselves.

All while I recover from my 10th round of chemo. Only 2 more to go. It has gone by fast, especially because of ladies like these, who fill my spirit with love, laughter and joy.

So, thank you, The Trifecta, for lighting up my night. I am seriously blessed.

Love, The Blond Girl with Her Dark-Haired BeautiesNancyLeilaTeresa

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