Day 153: June 3, 2014

Thankfulness for Winning the Lottery

So, yeah… I was gettin’ ready to crash last night, checked my phone calendar, and realized that I DIDN’T have chemo today! They had to schedule it for Wednesday because of some office thingy.

It felt like I won the lottery. One more day of feeling great! Yay me!

Such a simple thing to feel elated about. I truly relish the days that I feel good. I am very thankful when I think about how crappy I feel during chemo weeks compared to having that spark in my eye, that pep in my step, and the feeling of waking up in the morning and actually wanting to get up out of bed to enjoy my coffee without dealing with nausea and generally feeling like ka-ka.

My life doesn’t suck. And to top it off, my dear friend Nancy Kelso is arriving this evening to be here for TWO WEEKS! And Leila Aziz is going to be here on Thursday. And Teresa will be creeping around, too. Three of my favorite gals under one roof? It’ll be like a party that I will sleep through and feel high from all the drugs when I am awake in spurts. This is why I call my place The Rave Infirmary.

The only one missing that would make this rave complete would be my Sis, Lora. But I have a feeling we will do something extra cool once I’m all done. Yes, that is a blatant hint, Lora.

Happy Fracken Tuesday, y’all! Boots and Selfie pics will be tomorrow, which is okay with me.

Love, This is What it Feels Like to Win the Big Bucks


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